Venue Lighting

Venue Lighting is all about accentuating the beauty of your layout.  If it’s a ballroom or a barn, a garden or gazebo – we can make it look amazing.


We offer cordless, battery operated uplighting fixtures, which means the sky’s the limit when it comes to where we want to uplight.  Rather than being tethered by cords and limited by lines, the Venue lighting packages we offer are focused only on what looks best.

Make that first astounding impression when your guests arrive and are greeted with the beauty of your selected lighting color.  The color options are virtually limitless; we can match any fabric color (Bridesmaids dresses, table cloths, flower schemes etc).

Exterior venues offer some wonderful options for uplighting trees, columns, fountains etc.  Interior venues benefit from lighting walls, ceilings, tables and the list goes on.  Talk to us about Venue Lighting options that will look great in pictures and be part of the lasting visual impression that you and your guests will treasure.