Event Lighting

We are all about the Music. Period.  However, over the years, we have come to also appreciate the amazing value of adding the right lighting to our events.  The power of the visual impression combined with an amazing audio experience will deliver the Epic Event you are looking for.



Our lighting packages are very reasonably priced…because we want to be able to offer them.  It involves a little more work for setup etc. but we absolutely love the effect that even a reasonably sized lighting package can produce.  We recommend at least looking at a basic lighting package to compliment your layout.  You’ll be amazed at what even a little lighting can do to an already beautiful venue.

Take a look at the lighting links for the different style of lighting we recommend, and ask about the ones your interested in.  We can do a very basic uplighting package or a full club lighting feel…and of course anything in between.  Find what’s right for you.  Feel free to inquire and we’d be happy to send you video links of your lighting selections in action, or schedule a meetup for you to see them in person.