About Epic Events


We’re a partnership team who’ve been spinning for over 15 yrs.
We started out with an interest in playing music for friends with just about any equipment we could get our hands on.  We knew we were having fun and so was everyone else around us and we soon realized that we were actually really good at it.

From that point, there was no looking back and we knew this was something we wanted to do for real.  So we started building our gear and became really interested in what makes a good DJ and what makes a great DJ.  As we focused on perfecting our trade, we were amazed at how many really bad wedding DJ’s are out there. We built Epic Events to give people a better option. We don’t dress in stuffy tuxedos, we don’t play or teach people the Chicken Dance and we don’t think our sets need any cheesy jokes – our Music and our Mixing should speak for itself.



Our business is geared completely around music, but the fact is: it’s really geared around people – our clients and their guests.
We balance just the right amount of crowd interaction with what we actually came to do – create an energetic experience through music and dancing.

We love what we do and we know you will too.

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